Trans Pride NI held the first inclusive Trans Pride Rally for Gender Equality in Ireland, for transgender, intersex, non-binary, gender questioning and all other people at 12.30pm, on 2nd June 2018, in Writer’s Square in Belfast. Trans Pride NI will be holding future inclusive events to celebrate transgender people and promote gender equality in NI.

Trans Pride NI aims to:

1. Benefit the public by changing attitudes towards all Trans people, including those with disabilities, in Northern Ireland.

2. Celebrate gender diversity and the achievements of all Trans people, including those with disabilities, in Northern Ireland.

3. Ensure gender equality for all Trans people, including those with disabilities, in Northern Ireland.

Trans Pride NI uses Stonewall’s definition of “Trans people” which includes and is not limited to: Transgender, Transsexual, Gender-queer (GQ), Gender-fluid, Non-binary, Gender-variant, Crossdresser, Genderless, Agender, Nongender, Third gender, Two-spirit, Bi-gender, Trans man, Trans woman,Trans masculine, Trans feminine and Neutrois.

Trans Pride NI is run solely by volunteers and is recognised as a Charitable Company by the HMRC, Charities reference number NI00781. Trans Pride NI is proud to have a diverse range of volunteers from the transgender community in Northern Ireland, including experienced trans rights campaigners, their friends, families and disabled volunteers. Some volunteers have over 8 years of experience supporting trans, non-binary, gender-questioning and intersex people through their links with long established, valid, Transgender support groups and registered charities like Gender Essence Support Services, the Belfast Butterfly Club and Queerspace, in the LGBT+ sector. Trans Pride NI is a member of the LGBT Consortium, the UK Pride Organisers Network and NICVA, Northern Ireland Council For Voluntary Action.

Trans Pride NI is a properly constituted Charitable Company, with a Board Of Directors, that oversee its day to day running. Trans Pride NI has its own charitable bank account, in the name of Trans Pride Northern Ireland and is therefore accountable and transparent, with all it’s funding going directly to benefit the trans community, through Trans Pride NI.

Trans Pride NI has its own public liability insurance, that covers members of the public and its volunteers at all of it’s events. Trans Pride NI also has all the policies required by Volunteer Now and has advertised for volunteers through Volunteer Now.

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