Rally – 20th August – Later Start Time of 12.30pm

Join us from 12.30PM until 3PM at Writer’s Square, Belfast for a few short speeches from trans & non-binary individuals about issues affecting us. Stay for a bit of craic with our community and allies. Learn about support available for trans, non-binary, intersex people and their families at our informational stalls from The Rainbow Project, Mermaids NI and Belfast Trans Resource Centre.

All are welcome!


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A big thanks to everyone who talked, performed and / or attended any of the Trans Pride NI events 2019 and helped to make it such an amazing day!

Trans Pride NI runs the Trans Information Directory that lists trans-friendly businesses and organisations in Northern Ireland online. Please contact us if you would like your business or organisation to be listed.

These are just a few of the items you can buy from our online shop on Red Bubble to support our Pride.

Trans Pride NI uses Stonewall’s definition of “Trans people” which includes and is not limited to: Transgender, Transsexual, Gender-queer (GQ), Gender-fluid, Non-binary, Gender-variant, Crossdresser, Genderless, Agender, Nongender, Third gender, Two-spirit, Bi-gender, Trans man, Trans woman,Trans masculine, Trans feminine and Neutrois.

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