Alcohol and illegal drugs may not be consumed during the Rally. Participants are expected to respect the legalislation concerning the consumption of alcohol at Trans Pride NI Events. This year, the rally is being held in a designated alcohol-free place, however there are plenty of bars nearby.

Intoxicated persons will be asked to leave Trans Pride NI Events.

Leaflets cannot be handed out during the Rally, leaflets can be handed out at stalls by contacting Trans Pride NI.

Offensive placards, banners and flags will be removed by Trans Pride NI.

Trans Pride NI does not have child minding facilities, parents or guardians will be expected to be responsible for their children under 16.

Trans Pride NI celebrates diversity and will not tolerate any individual making derogatory remarks about a person’s sexuality, gender, gender identity, race, age, nationality, disability, appearance, religion or any other characteristic.

Do not insult, abuse or use offensive or threatening language or behaviour.

Show respect for buildings, facilities and equipment being used.

Do not interrupt, heckle, make distracting noises or gestures.

Do not make personal attacks on an individual or organisation.

‘Swimsuit coverage’ is the minimum requirement for participant’s clothing choices.

Trans Pride NI participants will be expected to adhere to the legal guidelines around public nudity, taking part in sexual acts in public, and flashing.

Do not break people’s confidentiality.

Use people’s preferred names and pronouns.

Do not take pictures or video without permission of the person(s) being filmed or photographed.

Breaching the Code of Conduct

If any person’s behaviour breaches this Code of Conduct, they and their membership organisation will be required to leave the Event. They and their membership organisation will not be permitted to attend future Events unless they provide satisfactory evidence to the Trans Pride NI that they will comply with the Code – e.g. a letter of apology, mediation etc.

If you see or are notified of any incident that would break this code of conduct, please notify a steward or a member of the Police immediately.

“Code of Conduct” is an amalgamation of London Pride, Trans Forum and Parades Commission of Northern Ireland’s Code of Conducts and Guidelines.