Trans Pride NI is proud to Celebrate Gender Diversity and Transgender People in Northern Ireland. No one person’s story can possibly represent the whole of the diversity in the transgender community in Northern Ireland, that’s why Trans Pride NI is asking EVERYONE who identifies as transgender, non-binary, intersex, gender questioning or has any other gender identity, to speak, sing a song, or read a poem, at Trans Pride NI in June 2019. You do not even have to be a member of a long established transgender support group, or be attending a Gender Identity Clinic to do so, as EVERYONE’S gender identity is equally valid! Let’s get Transgender, intersex and non-binary voices heard, everyone has an equally valid story to tell, personal stories may not fit into current social, medical or even political models but they are authentic and equally valid!

If you would like to speak, read a poem, have a transgender friendly stall, participate in the Trans March, volunteer, or sing a song at Trans Pride NI 2019, please Contact us.

Trans Pride NI is proud to not discriminate against people on the basis of their personal choices to have or not have gender affirming medical treatment, whether they “pass” in a gender role in society or not, whether they live in one gender role all the time or not, what age they are, what their gender identity is, what political or religious opinions they have, what their sexual orientation is, or any other protected characteristic.