Comment on apparent actions of Trans Pride Belfast

We are currently recovering from an impersonation that appears to be from @TPbelfast. This entity does not seem to have a valid constitution, insurance, bank account or any policies that we are aware of. We want to make it perfectly clear, we are not affiliated to Trans Pride Belfast for these reasons.

Happy Holidays from Trans Pride NI

YouTube video: Hi  I’m Michael from Trans Pride NI. Holidays can be a tough time for trans people as people can dead name you, buy you inappropriate presents or just refuse to acknowledge your transition. It can be especially hard if you are on your own. So don’t be like Buddy the dog here, … Continue reading Happy Holidays from Trans Pride NI

Trans Pride NI update Our latest update on YouTube. Today we will just be giving you an update on Trans Pride NI,  using our amazing mascot, Pippa the cat! I'm Michael from Trans Pride NI. So far Trans Pride has an amazing website at, designed with a lot of help from the Innovation Factory. We also have … Continue reading Trans Pride NI update

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today Trans Pride NI is remembering transgender people who have been murdered on Transgender Day of Remembrance or TDOR. I’m Michael from Trans Pride NI. TDOR was started in 1999, by Gwendolyn Ann Smith to remember, Rita Hester, an African American Transgender woman, who was killed on 28th November 1998, in Massuchusetts, USA, because she … Continue reading Transgender Day of Remembrance