Response to a private message directed to Trans Pride NI

Yes, I will be publishing my response. Thank you.

1) Trans Pride NI is accepted as being a Charitable company by the HMRC for tax purposes, there is a two year wait to be a registered charity.

2) The accounts have been published online on Trans Pride NI’s website, at showing a significant loss and no money being used for Director’s holidays.

3) All money received in donations had been placed in the Charitable bank account of Trans Pride NI by 22nd February 2018, it took 6 weeks to open a Charitable bank account.

4) Trans Pride celebrates Pride for all Transgender people, Pride celebrates pride for LGBT and Q people.

5) Please accept my apologies for sending you one private message on Facebook, sent in error. We have a very clear GDPR policy, given on our website.

6) Trans Pride is accepted as being a Charitable company by the HMRC and can therefore state that it is a charity.

Please do contact the Charity Commission of Northern Ireland, Trans Pride NI applied to be a registered charity in December 2017, your contact may even speed up the registration process. Trans Pride NI has never stated it is a registered charity.

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